Fuel Offtake Agreement

NWABF`s goal is to help our partner Offtake continually seek a reduction in its carbon footprint and help fulfill federal mandates without taking major risks. This solution will also allow Air Line to comply with pending international fuel emissions guidelines. “This DFPA should immediately put our partner Air Line at the head of the implementation of a renewable SAF strategy,” said Mr. Smoot. The UN report warns governments must reduce fossil fuel production by 6% per year Based on their $2 million investment for an ongoing feasibility study with Northwest Advanced Bio Fuels (NWABF), Delta has concluded one of the largest launch agreements of its kind to buy sustainable aviation fuel when produced by NWABF. The NWABF process uses wooded biomass gasification for syngaz production for the Fischer-Tropsch process. The NWABF project would use wood residues and wood cracks on forest soils to produce biofuel that could be used as part of an ASTM-approved carbon reduction trajectory. Our ground team is rumored that Kilpatrick played an important role in the negotiation, development and implementation of the first two Delta Biojet offtake agreements – first for Gevo and now with Northwest Advanced Biofuels LLC. NWABF supplies sustainable air fuel to large U.S. aircraft. (Image: Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC.) Mark Riedy, of Kilpatrick Townsend-Stockton, and his Energy team, representing NWABF, have gained extensive experience in negotiating and cancelling fuel purchase contracts for other developers and airlines over the past decade.

NWABF will be the leading supplier of sustainable air transport fuels for this airline, due to hard work and careful care on the part of the NWABF management team. In parallel with the study`s objective of producing sustainable aviation fuel to operate on the West Coast, Delta signed a sustainable air fuel acquisition agreement that can be produced from the facility, which would reduce lifecycle emissions by 80% compared to conventional jet fuel. This complements the recent acquisition agreement with Gevo for biofuel production in Minnesota, which is expected to be available between 2022 and 2023. “We are very pleased to deepen our collaboration with Delta Air Lines and our two leading teams to improve sustainability,” said Dave Smoot, Director of Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels. “Our fuel project and agreement will strengthen Delta as a leader in renewable energy.” NWABF will provide our offtake partner with renewable SAFs with proven 2nd generation technologies, supplied by first-class companies. The engineering, purchasing and construction company will carry out the next pre-end engineering and construction study.

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