Tcd Erasmus Learning Agreement

BEFORE TO A EXCHANGE (For students with an exchange in 2020/21), please consult the student manual for information on Erasmus and non-EU exchanges. Once students have been admitted and appointed in exchange, they should contact the relevant exchange coordinators, who can get advice on the modules. Students must also have begun to prepare a learning agreement, in consultation with the appropriate coordinators before departure. The following points need to be addressed: if you leave the Erasmus program for any reason and return earlier than expected and after receiving the first tranche of the grant, you should contact immediately for your fact sheet to be updated. In most cases, you must repay the grant. First, it is important to think about what the exchange means, to go to new places, to see a new university and to discover new learning styles. Are you ready to go abroad and discover a new life for yourself? The English School does not require you to take certain modules abroad, but you must submit a learning agreement that describes in detail all the modules you wish to study and describes the number of credits available for each module. This is verified by the coordinator of the study abroad who contacts you in case of problems (TSM students must have their apprenticeship agreement approved by both coordinators). At the end of the year (or semester), the coordinator will turn your notes into a Trinity note. Website: .

. Preferred for BSF (Business ) Degree Students, B.B.S. Available to Joint Honours Business Students for Hilary Term only. Shortly before the end of the academic year, students are invited to participate in pre-departure meetings, during which they will receive a lot of useful information about what they can expect about life and studies abroad, as well as all the steps to take to obtain their Erasmus scholarship and obtain the approval of their modules. If you decide to spend only six months abroad, you will be reviewed on the basis of the work done in the other half of Trinity plus all the exams in the modules you pass at the host university. If you opt for a full academic year abroad, you will use modules equivalent to Trinity`s via the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and your foreign-acquired grades will be converted into a Trinity note. Fees for EU guest students are available on the Academic Register website. EU guest students will find a fee in the PDF pdf for students as part of the “Visit/Erasmus(Bachelor) section.

All year round – Only students from companies and BBS. Individual Semesters – Global Business, BBS – Joint Honours Business Student. Each department has a specific Erasmus coordinator for out-of-school students. They are the first point of contact for students wishing to follow Erasmus. . B.B.S., Joint Honours Business, Business and Computer Science students. Throughout the year or semester – Note the first dates of the semester If you have any questions about our Erasmus programme in English, please contact the Coordinator of Studies Abroad: we ask our partners to appoint their students by submitting the following information on the Erasmus application form.

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