Acquiring Agreement

If the method is selected as a payment card, when you create a new catalog item, you must enter the name of the new payment method as mandatory details, indicate the counterparty (Acquiring Bank) and the acquisition contract for the maintenance of plastic cardholders. The payment card billing account is automatically displayed – 57.03 “Payment Card Sales.” In the form of a catalog article, you can specify the percentage of commission of the recipient bank, so that the remuneration will be calculated automatically in the future. The security of electronic payments is a major concern for these institutions because of the high risk of acquiring banks and their key position in the payment chain. That`s why they were involved in the development of electronic point-of-sale security standards, such as PCI-DSS. Many accepting banks insist that their traders comply with the PCI-DSS. If merchants do not comply with PCI-DSS standards, merchants may themselves be responsible for losses due to fraud that may result from fines from card systems. [4] Debit 51 Credit 57.03 – for the amount of funds received from the receiving bank (RUB 7,920.00); Debit 91.02 Credit 57.03 – for the amount of remuneration withheld by the beneficiary bank (RUB 80.00). In order for the accounting of acquiring transactions to be available to the user, it must activate the corresponding functionality of the program. The feature is configured with the hyperlink of the same name of the section… On a bank and cash register, the flag must place payment cards (Fig. 1). If you want to combine the purchase on favourable and attractive terms, contact our company.

You can leave a request on the site. A specialist will contact you to discuss all aspects of cooperation. The acquisition will take place as soon as possible. Debit 51 Credit 57.03 – for the amount of funds received from the beneficiary bank (98,000.00 rubles); Debit 91.02 Credit 57.03 The essence of mobile acquiring is this. A special app is installed on the mobile device. By reading the card data, she sends a request to the bank and transfers the money from the buying company`s account. Confirmation of the transaction is an electronic check. It is also important to note that online transactions present a high risk of significant data breaches, so that all parties involved in the credit and debit card payment process, including the accepting bank, must comply with fraud prevention security standards.

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