E Commerce Agreement India

There are several competent government agencies. The DIPP regulates e-commerce. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is responsible, in conjunction with the Ministry of Communications, Internet Promotion, IT and E-Commerce. The It Emergency Response Team under the MeitY responds to cybersecurity incidents and also takes emergency measures to deal with such cybersecurity incidents. At the same time, the RBI regulates payment systems and online transactions. Telecommunications service providers in the country (including ISPs) are licensed by the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) under the Ministry of Communications. Their access rates and charges are regulated by their licenses by the DoT and the Indian telecommunications regulator from time to time. This type of acceptance is usually seen before the goods purchased are received. These contracts are visible exclusively on the internet and are also called click-through agreements. 1.5. “Form,” the e-commerce service agreement form completed and executed by the seller at the time of this contract, attached to Schedule A. Apart from that, the Consumer Protection Act was introduced into Parliament in 2018, the concept of “electronic service provider” having been introduced and defined as an online marketplace.

The above bill also implicitly recognizes that liability rights should be asserted against the seller and not the e-provider. Recognition of an electronic service provider under the Consumer Protection Act will be a remarkable development, as there is no explicit recognition of the distinction between the seller`s obligations and that of an e-commerce marketplace under Indian consumer protection legislation, although some decisions have been recognized by consumer protection forums. However, as the law does not yet have a legal sanctity, its impact on the e-commerce sector can be assessed more accurately as soon as the law comes into force. The circumstances in which the seller and the company entered into the agreement and the general information of the agreement are mentioned in the original terms of the agreement. Recitals are the first clause of the agreement that mentions the intentions of the parties.

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