Service Level Agreement For A Cleaning Company

Credit cards. If you want to pay by credit card, a 3% cleaning fee will be charged at your cleaning fee. 1.2 This Level of Service Agreement establishes a clear framework for the institutional team, which will be made available in a central and hourly teaching room, including the services and standards provided, the rooms served and the manner in which services are monitored. This service level agreement applies only to the central courtroom inventory. CHARGES: If you need to change, cancel or skip your normal cleaning day, we estimate at least 2 business days. If you do not inform our office and we cannot enter your house on arrival, we charge a lockout fee to cover our costs. The daily remuneration of our teams is based on the planned houses. If you skip or close the team in the short term, we will not have time to fill your place and the payment of our teams will be affected. It can also cause planning problems with our other clients.

If, at any time, you need a change or change in cleaning details or instructions, or if you want to change the cleaning plan or cleaning frequency, a phone call is the best way to do so. The cleaning team is responsible for following the instructions that appear on their personal instructions. Specific instructions or requests given to the team cannot be guaranteed from week to week. A number of facility teams are involved in providing the full range of customer support services in central classrooms – for example, technical and facility teams, cleaners and others. Facilities teams, managed centrally and by partner suppliers, provide coordinated support, including: PETS ESCAPING FROM THE HOME: We cannot be responsible for animals that “escape” when our cleaners enter/exit your home. If your pet is “walking freely” during the cleaning, please let us know in advance so that cleaning agents can be vigilant when opening the doors. Our cleaning professionals are trained to close doors as soon as they enter and leave your home and do not leave the doors open for long periods of time. PAYMENT POLITICAL: Payment is due in full on the day of cleaning. A cleaning contract can be used to plan a recurring cleaning service (weekly, monthly, etc.) or a unique annual event such as carpet cleaning or deep spring cleaning. A cleaning service usually charges an hourly rate, so it`s a good idea for the customer to clearly define the work they want to do during your visit.

EXTRA WORK: Please call us in advance for special requests (z.B. after construction, cleaning the refrigerator, indoor oven, interior window, cellar, garage, extra room) so that we can plan the time needed for these tasks. We will provide one through the telephone estimate, but we reserve the right to adjust the offer once the work is done. Facilities Support Services will audit the services provided to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction and maintain a robust system of performance management and measurement based on specific tasks and indicators.

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