Word Of Agreement In Japanese Crossword

I know it does not directly respond to your request, but if you like crossword puzzles, I`m sure you like these: “the path of the warrior” code of Holy Word Bushido, singing, or its repeated to promote his spiritual growth Mantra sacred beings, which is part of the Kami nature group with cults common clans places of worship of samu warriors, part of a main country of the traditional Japanese religion Shinto someone who seems to be responsible if someone else really power the figurehead of the social system, in which landowners grant land to people or other rewards in exchange for military service or army of the army of the real emperor shogun drama targeted on the common people kabuki someone who governs a country in the name of someone , which is not able to regenerate the local landowners of lords daimyo island archipelago collar served other needs and were 3/4 of the peasant population at the head of the society, but had no political power emperor drama, who led the nobles and the supreme commander of the army of Samua shogun a Japanese dish of crustaceans, fish or vegetables, roasted with Tempura paste A Japanese dish that was made of small balls or rolls of cold-cooked rice, which was served with vinegar and served with vegetables, eggs, or raw fish sushi traditional Japanese masks with singing and dancing, which in the rituals of Shinto , a Japanese mattress that weighs on the ground for use as a bed Futon A Japanese form of fencing with two hands of bamboo That began as a sure way to train a samurai kendo Japan`s basic monetary unit Japanese Yen Japanese military leader Shogun The Japanese art of folding paper shapes and figures Origami Japan`s smallest main island Hokkaido A form of Japanese heavyweight, in which a person wins by being opponent of the ring Sumo Is the official language of Japan Japan capital of Japan Tokyo the most famous monument of Japan Mount Fuji Traditional Japanese dress with wide sleeves Of Kimono poem in three lines with 5.7 and 5 syllables by line haiku Japanese warrior Japanese samurai phonetic writing phonetic Hir agana Japanese instrument with three strings (shaped like a banjo) Shamisen Traditional form of unarmed struggle with hands and feet as weapons Karate The art of cultivating Bonsai miniature trees Because I can not read more than 70% of the cana , and know only a very limited set of words. I thought there would be an excuse for people to look for translations by crossing languages, and that it would also be more attractive and encouraging for the lone amateur. Hunters gatherers kyushu shikoku honsju hokkaido hot springs korea russia China Abdication ainu buddha daimyo earthquake edo emperor Education Feodalism fish Geysir haiku heian isolation japan jomon kamakura kana karma katana kimono monk Mount fuji nara ninja nirvana origami pacific ocean pagoda puja puppet lineal reincarnation rice ronan samurai shinto shogun stupa sword tatami taxes tokyo volcano yayoi zen Why not go all the way and try directly in Japanese? This seemed to me to be a good way to encourage people to at least build their basic vocabulary, and it might even work as a phone app.

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